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Wayne Carson (2002)
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On his solo album entitled "Writer" - Wayne Carson shows the
listener how the songwriter heard these classic songs originally.
Long before the rest of the world would have a chance to call
these songs their own - they were his. And he caresses each
song with the tender touch of a lover who knows the feeling
before the touch. It is hard to differentiate between the singer and
the song - for they are one and the same. Whether you call it rock,
Memphis R&B, or country - it is music in it's purest form. This is
what it's all about.
Album Notes....

America is a nation of individuals free to express themselves and voice
their opinions. The late 50's and early 60's was the beginning of young
America starting their personal record collections, which continues on
today. Referred to as "my music," each individual, not realizing, has
kept a diary of themselves in the form of music - how they laughed,
cried, fell in love, good and bad times, all related to the words and
music in their songs. This was all made possible by the creators of
their music....The Songwriters.

Wayne Carson is probably represented in every popular music collection
in the world. Recently voted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame is
testimony by his peers that he truly deserved to be placed in the KING
ROW among all past and present creators of song.

His music started in the 60's and continues on today. Asked why he
started writing songs, his answer was basically the same as most
great writers, he had the need to express himself to all that would
listen. The same has always been for poets, artists, architects,
scientists, astronauts. They feel a need to do these things. Good or
bad, the money has never been one of the reasons.

Wayne Carson has devoted a large part of himself to helping other songwriters who show the desire, potential,
(talent) to create music and gives seminars at colleges on songwriting and plans to increase this area of his time.
As he explains, the world will never stop searching for a new way to say I LOVE YOU.

Wayne is a great entertainer and musician as you would expect...drums, piano, guitar, bass, a studio engineer,
and producer. His recreation is golf, fishing, and helping others. He has no enemies.
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